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What would it take to produce affordable, healthy food for everyone on the planet without harming the environment? BBC World News' new "Follow the Food" series explores that question, with a look at the cutting-edge solutions that are leading the way to a more sustainable food future. One of those solutions? Gene editing.

"Now more than ever we need a rational, evidence-based discussion about the role food and food production plays in avoiding both humanitarian and environmental catastrophes," says James Wong, ethnobotanist and presenter of "Follow the Food."

Featured in episode one, Dr. Tom Adams, CEO and Co-Founder of Pairwise, a pioneering food start-up committed to helping people live healthier, fuller lives, believes that all food can be nutritious and taste great. Check out the episode to learn how plant breeding innovations like gene editing are the key to enabling a more modern food supply system - from more healthier blackberries to more flavorful leafy greens.